About Drury University

Drury University, a small private university located in Springfield, Missouri, offers students a bold new academic experience – one that breaks the mold of single majors and rigid formulas most often associated with traditional education. This new program guarantees that all students will receive a blend of life credentials and career credentials, allowing them to pursue their intellectual passions while giving them the tools they need to be technically proficient and career-ready. 

Through this intentional combination of study in professional and non-professional areas, students will learn to be flexible, innovative and creative problem solvers. They will go beyond traditional education and thinking by blending career, calling, life, community, self and service.

At A Glance

"Drury is a truly wonderful place that transforms lives. I find that our students have a distinctive intellectual curiosity, our faculty and staff members are dedicated and world class, and our alumni live exemplary lives and are transforming our community and our world. It is a place of innovative teaching, close student-faculty relationships and customized mentorship. Drury University has a storied history, is built on a rock-solid foundation and has a bright future."

- Dr. J. Timothy Cloyd, Drury's 18th President

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