About Drury University

Drury is a university that honors and effectively links liberal arts and sciences to the study of professional areas. 

Authentic Connections

  • In each class, students develop an understanding of why what they are learning matters. Real life application is paramount.
  • Community outreach is emphasized beyond the classroom and the campus. Classes regularly partner with Springfield organizations to create real change.
  • Students build strong relationships with thought leaders and mentors via internships, on-campus resources, classwork and the Drury alumni network.

Quality Academics

  • Because Drury is a teaching university, professors are easily accessible. 
  • A spirit of entrepreneurship inspires confidence, creativity and accountability.
  • An environment of academic and creative collaboration inspires students to actively explore ways to enhance their individual Drury experiences. 

A Life Well Lived

  • Drury's curriculum enables students to make decisions, both personal and professional, from a place of ethics and morality.
  • Wellness and sustainability are seen as a way of life, rather than tasks, and are integrated throughout the Drury community.
  • Students are given resources to connect dreams and aspirations to build successful futures. 

At A Glance

The robust study abroad program includes a satellite campus on the Greek island of Aegina and partnerships with educational institutions across the world