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New Summerscape Class 9 am – 12 noon


Make the change from being a passive user to active creator. In this class we will invent our own toys, board games, and other creations using duct tape, cardboard, and whatever we can get our hands on. Stop-motion Lego animation and short movies are a possibility, in addition to learning  how to use a Makey-Makey, a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino. We will play with some toys including gravity mazes, marble towers, and gears. In short, if you like the idea of science meets art and do-it-yourself projects, this is the place for you.  

About the Center for Gifted Education

The Center for Gifted Education is one of only 17 complete gifted education centers in the United States. Since 1981, the center has provided programs for gifted children, their families and educators. Each summer more than 700 children from pre-kindergarten through high school attend Drury’s residential and nonresidential pre-college programs – Summer Pals, Summer Quest, Summerscape and Drury Leadership Academy.

The teacher education program provides graduate credit for Missouri gifted education certification and a Master in Education with a concentration in gifted education. Credit courses are provided during each university term. Special symposiums, conferences and seminars for parents, teachers and other professionals are scheduled throughout the year. Consulting services are available to school districts.

Each year Drury hosts the Duke Talent Identification Ceremony recognizing over 400 seventh graders from around the state who scored high on the ACT or SAT. The Center for Gifted Education also hosts the Gifted Association of Missouri Fall Conference, which brings together gifted education educators together for several workshops and seminars.