The Drury Brand Story

The Drury promise to students:

“At Drury, I make invaluable connections every day that empower me to
make a difference in my life and the lives of others.”

Drury is a new kind of university that honors and effectively links liberal arts and sciences to the study of professional areas. In doing so, students are more authentically connected to:

  • Why what they are learning matters and how they can apply it in real life.
  • Why decisions, both personally and professionally, should come from a place of ethics and morality.
  • Faculty: accessibility is a point of pride for us because we are a teaching university.
  • The community: in the classroom, on campus and beyond.
  • Thought leaders and mentors: from freshman year to graduation to job search to alumni connections. At Drury, students make lifelong connections.
  • Wellness and sustainability as a way of life rather than a task. We believe healthy people lead happier, longer, more productive lives.
  • Community outreach as part of a life well lived.
  • A spirit of entrepreneurship, which inspires confidence, creativity and accountability.
  • An environment of collaboration where students are actively involved in enhancing their Drury experience.
  • A life well lived: Drury students learn how to connect dreams and aspirations to successful futures.


  • Launched in 2012, our general education curriculum The Drury Core: Engaging Our World prioritizes applied learning through direct engagement in communities—on campus, at home and around the world.

  • Our commitment to personalized learning means that the Drury experience will be customized to fit the needs and aspirations of each student. We are large enough to afford students abundant opportunities to explore new interests, but small enough to accommodate regular, one-to-one engagement with faculty.

  • Our student to faculty ratio is 11:1. 95.5% of our full-time faculty hold the highest degree in their field. Every day, our students have the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with faculty members who are experts in their chosen field. Compelling evidence demonstrates that our smaller class sizes and faculty to student ratio results in more meaningful interpersonal dialogue, improved retention rates and higher overall student achievement.

  • The Drury Connect Initiative is our commitment to be of greater value than ever before to the Springfield community. Established to address the opportunities and challenges outlined in the 2009 Community Focus Report, Drury proactively connects with local leadership, associations and organizations to develop outreach programs designed to support the arts, business, community health, education, community housing, environmental sustainability, public safety and recreation.

  • Wellness: In cooperation with Cleveland Clinic, Drury University offers students the opportunity to receive a degree certificate in wellness.  This landmark initiative provides community outreach and education to SW Missouri, and serves as a model for other institutions to implement and effect change in their communities. Additionally, Drury’s “Five to Thrive” program encourages students to eat well, exercise, participate in wellness education and engage in a healthy lifestyle.

  • More than 50% of our students study abroad: Our commitment to global study supports the mission of The Drury Core and opens students’ eyes to diversity in cultures. Study abroad is a degree requirement for Breech School of Business, Hammons School of Architecture and Modern European Studies students.

  • Internship experience: Every year the office of Career Planning & Development aids Drury students in securing internships. Survey results reflect that 93.5% of site supervisor respondents stated they would like hire their Drury intern for full-time work. Additionally, 91.7% of students reported they were satisfied with the faculty support they received during their internship.

  • The President’s Council on Sustainability serves as a catalyst for change and improvement in the community, focusing on the areas of recycling, resource management, conservation and sustainable practices in facility renovation and construction. Since 2010, Drury has been included in “The Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges,” recognized as one of 311 environmentally responsible colleges.

  • Community Outreach and Leadership Development offers a variety of ways for the Drury community to engage in service activities. Monthly Project Panther Service Days allow students, faculty and staff to step off our 88 acres and into SW Mo. to connect with organizations that need our help.

  • The Edward Jones Center for Entrepreneurship offers scholarships, education and outreach events that foster a culture of entrepreneurship on our campus and in our community.

  • The Panther Passport Program, launched in 2012, rewards students who actively participate in Drury and community events. The four pillars of participation include Campus, Community, Cultural and Career Connection. 

  • Placement and outcomes: 84% of students responding to a post-graduation survey reported career or graduate school placement within six months.