Call to Artists for Meme-ography

The Drury on C-Street Gallery invites artists to submit work based on Internet culture and memes, from the Rarest of Pepes to the Grumpiest Cats. Artists are called to bring forth the importance and essence of memes on our society and in their individual lives by creating interpretations of memes that have surfaced throughout recent Internet history.

Application Deadline: February 17 
Please limit 3 works per artist 

Submit Your Work and an Artist Statement

The exhibition will take place March 3-31 and was conceptualized and will be coordinated by Arts Administration majors Hannah Beckmann and Tulley Beard.

About the Arts Administration Program

The arts administration field of study helps students develop a bridge between the world of business and the passion of the arts. Students are exposed to business areas such as accounting and nonprofit organizations as well as aspects of fundraising, stakeholder development, and cultural policies.

By developing a strong foundation in these areas, students gain an understanding of the problems within the arts and find solutions needed to strive. 

With a mixture of guest lectures from local arts leaders and visits to various art organizations, students are given an opportunity to become engaged in the community and witness first-hand the unique relationship between business and art.

As an inter-disciplinary course of study, students are prepared for field in:  

  • Museums & art galleries
  • Graphic design firms
  • Theatres
  • Symphonies & recording studios
  • Dance companies
  • Art & humanity councils

Bringing the Arts to Our Community

Arts Administration Curriculum requires 33 hours of coursework alongside another major, or two minors, as an arts discipline. Follow the link in order to learn more about the requirements.

Arts Administration Curriculum